The Sustainable Lifestyle & Ecological Responsibility

What’s the difference… I’m not sure. But I do know that we can do things better than we currently do, and have in the past. It’s worth noting that previous genertions were way ahead of us in this thought pattern. It could be argued that Farmers and Homesteaders figured this out long before we were worried about the carbon footprint. We can learn alot from previous generations about how to be a little more responsible to the planet, and less dependant on others for everyday needs.

Side note… I’m a guy who loves big trucks, fast cars, firearms, and most things that offend the tree hugging prius driving movement. From an outwardly apprearance, people like me are the target of much angst in regards to being planet friendly. I’m also probably doing more than a large percentage of the vocal eco warriors to actually make a difference. If someone isn’t willing to entertain being even somewhat self sustainable, they are probably just jumping on the trendy bandwagon of the moment.

There lies an issue with the ecology movement. It’s labeled as a no fun, no frills, expensive way of life in favor of being a trendy and thoughtful person… Wrong. Way wrong. If the people marketing this lifetyle would simply change gears to make it more appealing to the masses, there would be a much higher interest, and thus drive down the costs and making it more mainstream. In short, its being marketed to the wrong customer base. There’s aleady a vibrant customer base in place and has been for decades. Small Scale Farmers.

Being even just a little sustainable isn’t hard. It brings great pride to harvest your own food, and can be done in the smallest of areas. A simple raised bed and a few chickens can produce more than most people realize when done correctly. Curtis Stone (The Urban Farmer) is one of our favorites on YouTube. His channel and website has a lot to offer in the area of small scale gardening. Backyard Chickens is a great website for education as well.

On a trip to Arizona earlier this year I took a day to BioShpere 2 (Link Here)… It was an impressive visit. Biosphere 2 was designed to find a way to sustain life on another planet, through finding ways to be more responsible here on Earth. It’s an amazing piece of engineering and very thought provoking. It’s worth a visit even if you aren’t interested in the content of this post… its amazing.

100 years ago most of america had gardens, and understood how to feed themselves without the use of drive though fast food and massive grocery stores. Which is something thats been lost to American culture. We no longer take care of the chickens, pigs, cows, and crops to ensure our families are fed. We arent even interested in thinking about having a small garden anymore. There’s a great pride in growing your own food, and knowing where it comes from. It doesn’t take much time after you learn what to do and what to avoid. It doesn’t even take up much space with Square Foot Gardening. But it does take commitment. And it does take more than just talking about it on social media.

It’s not about being trendy, or politically correct, or eco-sensitive. Its about being a good steward of the land God has entrusted you with. It’s about teaching your family how to respect creation and the value of self generated results. It’s about being thankful, responsible, and respectful.

If you run across one of those prius driving and tree hugging people in the near future, be sure to ask them what they are actually doing to forward their cause other than talking about it. More importantly, try to help them understand in looking for the answers to moving forward, we may need to look back a few decades.

… Farmers. The original Eco Warriors.


… Feeling Overwhelmed?

You can feel overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. But can you ever simply feel “whelmed”. Who knows… the real question is, how do we keep ourselves productive at all times? Good Leadership knows the importance of doing so, and understands their role in leading their team to do the same.

When your  “Life gets Flipped Turned Upside Down”, its hard to dig out of the hole. Between simply balancing life on its own and dealing with turmoil that comes at unwanted times, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable place. When it happens at work, it can have catastrophic effects on those who depend on you. Failure to execute on things can harm those you are responsible for. And many times, its completely avoidable.

I see this so often in the workplace. Good people hurting (and being hurt) by something falling through the cracks. Many times the complicated tasks get completed like clockwork, while the simple things are forgotten. Problem is, by the time they complete the complicated task the small forgotten things have made a huge mess to clean up. And that mess typically impacts the effectiveness of what the organization just spent so much time developing and working through.

Wading through the madness is not rocket science but it does take some dedication. The simple solution for me over the past few years, has been the “Bullet Journal” form of organization. Its basically a Getting Things Done (GTD) System, and there are many ways to go about it. Link to GTD Search Results Here.

GTD systems are used by by succesful people in many different walks of life. From business professionals to students. From parents to world leaders. Oprah Winfrey,  Will Smith, and Tom Cruise are all GTD believers.  

Digitally this can be done via apps in Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft One Note, etc… but I personally prefer the analog system. Theres something about writing down a task or note and scratching it off when complete that brings a sense of forward progress. And when I don’t get something done, having to rewrite it into another day brings a sense of failure/frustration that I don’t want to repeat. The type that keeps a person honest with themselves.

I’ve handed out books and given the Task Organization speech so many times my Team now calls them GSD Books (you fill in the ‘S’). If you’re overwhelmed, commit to this for a month. Start it today! It’ll make a difference!

And… good luck in your search of being perfectly “whelmed”.



Tis’ Better to Give…

Below is an email that was shared on Christmas Day, 2016…

Sometimes you’re gifted an experience that leaves you with more than a smile… If you’ve been blessed in life, it’s my personal belief that you should find a way to bless others. Doesn’t matter how. Just that you are looking to find a way to better the world around you… that your mindset is one of gratitude, and not greed.

Just over a week ago Blake brought up that we had forgotten to involve the Team in any form of giving this holiday season. The training team immediately set out to make a difference in the world around us. A couple days later we had toy drop off boxes all across New England… That’s no small feat in itself… They sent you all a message about it, and we agreed that the company would match the donations in hopes to make a bigger impact than we had in previous years. We tried this a few years ago and only came up with roughly 25 toys (kind of embarrassing for a group of 200+ people).

This past Wednesday we set out to go shopping for the company’s half of the toy delivery… I was blown away when they told me that they’d collected just over 200 individual toys this year. That our entire staff was involved and had been receiving toys from customers. Some teams had even planned group shopping trips after work. It was all quite impressive… The training team went to the local Wal-Mart and walked out with 8 carts full of presents, and loaded them into the truck. It barely fit!

To their surprise, when they called the local firehouse to arrange a drop off, they were told that 400 toys were just too many for them to effectively distribute. So, once again the training team began making calls to find another avenue, and found a local option. There was a charity that had been turning away parents of less fortunate children due to being out of toys… And they had a list of the names and phone numbers who’d been turned away… What an amazing thing!

When they arrived with a truckload of toys the people running the charity we’re almost in tears with joy. It was an emotional thing to watch. An emotional thing to be a part of… And an amazing thing for all of you to pull off together in a short amount of time.

So this year, this Christmas, we applaud Team NE for being a part of something bigger than themselves. For making sure that they did what was in their power to make Christmas morning special for as many children as possible… What you have done is quite impressive. And for me personally, quite emotional.

I couldn’t be more proud of you all right now. This was far better than any sales goal you’ve ever smashed. Far better than any glass ceiling you’ve ever broken… What you’ve done is prove that we not only have one of the most celebrated sales teams in the nation. Youve proven that we have the BEST PEOPLE in all of Cellular Sales.

Heres a link to a video clip of the donation room. Its worth noting that this is ONLY HALF of the total donation (the other half went to the Firehouse). And, that this room was completely empty before TEAM NE showed up. Here’s The Link

… Go to bed tonight knowing that 400 children had a smile on their face this morning because of what you’ve done.


#… I’m just damn proud to be a part of all this

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